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Benefits of Cobra Brushless Motors & New Pricing

Because of the widespread acceptance of the Cobra Motors and Speed Controllers, and increased manufacturing capacity at the factory, we are now offering a permanent 30% price reduction on all Cobra motors and a 20% price reduction on all Cobra speed controllers.

This makes Cobra Power Systems the most affordable major brand in the industry!

Key Features:

1.  Affordable pricing for easier sales.  Less sales lost to overseas discount competitors!  Cost conscience US customers are looking for better products than what is available at Hobby King.

Compare Cobra with the two other closest name brands on the market today.


E-Flite Power 10 – $59.99                      Rimfire 35-36 – $69.99                   Cobra 2814 – $37.99!

2.  Wide range of models available, 63 in all!  Allows for better matching of the motor to the type of aircraft being flown.  Most motor manufacturers only offer each motor size in 1 or 2 different Kv values.  Most of the Cobra motors are available in 3-4 different Kv values to better match them to the battery size and prop needed for each specific aircraft.  We have a Cobra motor to fit anything from a small 4 ounce indoor foamie plane up to larger .90 to 1.20 size glow conversions.

3.  Matching Cobra Speed Controllers available for all the motors.  Best Value!  Switching BEC’s are used on all 40 amp and larger ESC’s for higher power to your servos.

3escs   E-Flite 40 ESC – $69.99               Electrifly 45 ESC – $59.99                   Cobra 40 ESC – $39.99!

4.  Prop Charts.  We are the only company that produces extensive prop charts for all of our motors.  These charts make picking a motor very easy for customers.

5.  High Quality Components.  Cobra motors use 0.2mm stator laminations for increased efficiency.  The bearings used in Cobra motors are some of the largest in the industry for durability and long life.  Replacement parts such as Shafts, Bearings, Cross Mounts and Prop Adapters are available to repair or re-build the motors.

6.  Service and Support.  Cobra motor warranties are handled right here in Southern California so we can offer quick turnaround.  If you have a question about a motor application, one of our knowledgeable staff members is just a phone call away.

7.  We can work with you to provide the right mix of motors and speed controllers to complement the airplanes and multirotors that you are already handling in your store.

8.  New Multirotor motors are coming March to meet the demands of this fast growing segment of the hobby.

Innov8tive Designs Partnership with ROV Systems, LLC

Innov8tive Designs is happy to announce a partnership with ROV Systems, LLC to manufacture and distribute their small UAV product line. Innov8tive Designs owner, Lucien Miller, proudly sits as the COO of ROV Systems, LLC.

ROV Systems designs, manufactures and sells a range of commercially viable and profitable unmanned aircraft and systems for the discerning customer who needs performance and value.  They also offer services that include aerial photography, UAV maintenance and parts support, UAV flight training, CAD design and 3D modelling.

ROV products include not only high performance UAVs, but also radio controlled single and multi-rotor helicopters, remotely operated ground vehicles and surface vessels, as well as a variety of accessories and parts, all of which will be manufactured and distributed through!

New Lower Price For Cobra Bushless Motors!

Cobra Brushless Motors offer performance and value for Sport Flyers and Competition pilots alike. They are built from high quality components, and are designed to give years of top-level performance. All Cobra Motors are shipped in a custom designed package that features protective foam on all sides, with separate compartments to protect the motor. Click here to check out our entire line of Cobra Products.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Affordable
  • Larger Bearings         
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Comes With Bolt-on Prop Adapter
  • Great for Sport/Fun Flying
  • Intelligent Packaging


Innov8tive Designs is proud to present the Cobra Brushless Motors web site.

UT-TV “The Queue” Interviews Innov8tive Designs

Last month we hosted our first annual Multirotor Challenge that brought together multirotor enthusiasts from all over the United States. Prior to the March 23rd & 24th event, local television station Union Tribune TV interviewed Innov8tive Designs owner and CVO, Lucien Miller. Multirotor tech specialist Jordan Lease also does a demonstration-fly with one of our custom builds. Check out the Multirotor Challenge web site for more information.