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New Cobra CP-2205-2300 Champion Series Motor!


In response to the growing demand for more powerful motors for FPV Quad Racing, Cobra is proud to release the new Champion Series CP-2205-2300 motor! The motor has been completely re-engineered from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of FPV racing, producing race-winning power in a durable design. Heavier gauge stator windings, combined with a new high-airflow design, allows the motor to stay cool in the heat of competition! Designed to run on 4-cell batteries with 5 inch props, this motor will take your FPV quad straight to the winner’s circle!

Retail price: $18.99 each

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New Cobra Product!

Cobra Brushless Motors and Innov8tive Designs are proud to announce new Cobra products geared specifically for the growing FPV racing sector of the hobby.

Cobra Replacement Rotor Assemblies



In the heat of competition, pilots will often push the edge of the envelope and end up crashing their racing quad. Unfortunately, when this happens, the rotor assembly of the motor often gets damaged. When this happens, the only good fix is to replace the entire rotor assembly. For these occasions we offer the Cobra Replacement Rotor Assemblies for the CM-2204 and CM-2206 racing motors. These parts include the rotor housing, magnets, shaft and integrated prop adapter. A new 3mm C-Clip is also included with the rotor assembly. Find both of them by clicking here.


Cobra CM-2204/20 Multirotor Motor, Kv=2850


In FPV racing, pilots are moving to smaller quads for faster acceleration and more maneuverability. With these smaller machines, pilots are limited to 4 inch props, so a higher Kv motor is needed to get the needed power from the smaller props. The Cobra CM-2204-2850 motor was developed specifically for these smaller 150 to 180mm quad frames. On a 4 cell battery pack, an HQ 4×4 prop will produce 27 ounces of thrust at 33,250 RPM, with a pitch speed of 125mph. With the HQ 4×4.5 prop, you get 20 ounces of thrust at 35,200 RPM, with a pitch speed of 150mph! If you have a need for more thrust at a lower top end speed, the HQ 5×3 props will produce a whopping 32 ounces of thrust at 33,500 RPM, with a pitch speed of 95mph.

Click here to view the specs, prop charts, and motor performance graphs for the Cobra CM-2204/20 Multirotor Motor, Kv=2850


Cobra CM-1806 Multirotor Motors


CM-1806-2800 Motor:
This motor is designed for the smaller 150mm to 200mm racing quads running a 3-cell battery pack. It has a max current rating of 15amps, so the new Cobra 20amp FPV ESC be would be the best choice for this motor (you can find that below or by clicking here). The best props for this motor are the HQ-5×4 2-blade or the HQ 4×4 3-blade.

Click here for more information.

CM-1806-2450 Motor:

This motor is also designed for the smaller 150mm to 200mm quad frames, and can be used on either 3 or 4 cell battery packs. This motor has a max current rating of 12amps, so the Cobra 20amp FPV ESC is also best for this motor as well. For operation on 3 cells, the best props are the HQ 5×4.5 or 4×4.5-BN 2-blade, or the HQ 4×4 3-blade. On 4 cells, the HQ 4×4.5 or 5×3 2-blade props work best. Click here to view the 1806-2450 specifications.


New Cobra FVP Multirotor ESC’s


Cobra 20A FPV Multirotor ESC
This new ESC is designed for smaller 150 to 250mm racing quads, and can be used on motors that have up to 20amp max current rating. It can run on 2 to 4 Li-Po cells, and comes from the factor pre-loaded with the newest BL-Heli firmware. Motors that work well with this ESC include: CM-2204-1960, CM-2204-2300, CM-2206-1400 and the CM-2208-1200.


Cobra 30A FPV Multirotor ESC
This new ESC is designed for the smaller 150 to 250mm racing quads, and can be used on motors that have up to a 30amp max current rating. It can run on 2 to 4 Li-Po cells, and comes from the factor pre-loaded with the newest BL-Heli firmware. The optional USB Programmer can be used to install other firmware such as the new One-Shot, or future revisions of the BL-Heli firmware. Motors that work best with this ESC include: Scorpion M-2205-2350kv, Cobra CM-2206-2100 and CM-2208-2000.

For more information about these ESC’s and the new Cobra USB Programmer, click here.







Now Carrying HQ Props!


Innov8tive Designs is happy to let our friends in the hobby know that we are now distributing HQ Props in the United States and can ship them worldwide, as well! HQ Props have become extremely popular for use in multirotors, especially in the smaller 250mm to 300mm FPV Racing Quads. These props are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials to allow you to get the best match for your multirotor aircraft. All of HQ Props are available in both normal and reverse rotation as needed for use in multirotors. The standard props are made with a glass fiber fill for extra strength and durability, and come in Black, Green and Orange colors. The Carbon Composition props feature a carbon fiber fill for extra stiffness, and are only available in black.

Click here to view all 78 sizes and colors of HQ Propellers!

Welcome To Our New Web Site!

Click here for a full tutorial on how to use our newly designed website!

What has been an almost two year long process has finally come to fruition! We have been entertaining the idea of providing our valued customers and amazing network of product dealers a more stream-lined web site experience, and now we are proud to introduce you to the new, improved and vastly more navigable!


  • The front page menu on the left with all the product categories on our old site has been replaced with a drop-down on-hover menu towards the top of our new web site. We have simplified our products into 11 basic categories. When you click on a particular category our internet store will open displaying all the products in that category. You can choose to sort them by list, grid, price, name and manufacturer. If you know exactly what product you are searching for, we have a category on the left underneath “Shop By” that allows you to further choose a specific item. For instance, if you are looking for a DJI Naza controller board for your Next Level Multi-Rotor, you would hover your cursor over Products from the drop-down menu and select -> Multirotor Products. From there, you would choose¬†-> Stabilization Boards in the left menu. This will display the products in that category. Then click on the DJI Multi-Rotor Controller image.
  • Ordering a product has never been easier! Simply click the “Add To Cart” red button. Your product will go into a shopping cart that is accessible at the top of the web site. Simply hover over the Cart link to view your shopping cart or to Checkout.
  • We have added more interactive content including a Contact menu that allows you to reach any department at Innov8tive Designs. Also, under the Resources link you can find our Bulletin Board/Forum, Photos of events we have sponsored or attended, a Video Classroom that features many useful How-To videos as well as information about our Warranty Policy. A Customer Service section is also provided to answer any of your F.A.Q.’s
  • Prefer a particular manufacturer? You can browser items by Scorpion, Cobra, GemFan, APC, Next Level, GWS and Innov8tive Designs by hovering over the Manufacturers link on the top menu.
  • Our shipping platform has drastically changed. Shipping rates will be calculated automatically depending on the size/weight of the order. You will be able to see your shipping cost in real time with no base table rates that could add extra and unnecessary shipping and handling charges. For more information, please see our Shipping Information. We will continue to ship internationally but only to certain countries that we’ve outlined in our International Shipping section.
  • Our old web site had a very text-heavy front page. Our new site has a more graphical user interface with multiple images to display our new and featured products. Our deals, specials and items with the best value will be featured on our front page slider. Clicking on the item will take you to that items corresponding page.

sliderA similar view of the slider buttons on the front page.

  • On the right hand menus and from the Resources drop down link, you can access our Forum. It is built into the blog itself. Registration is not required, but suggested to customize your Guest profile. Feel free to post any topics or questions related to the hobby.


Aside from adding dozens of new products, you can still expect the same dedication to customer service and product support. We sincerely hope that our new web site design improves your online shopping experience. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email our webmaster at:

  • Pricing — our prices have remained the same. In fact, we’ve added over 80 products to our Specials section with discounts up to 40% off their retail price! We have also reduced the prices of our entire Cobra Brushless Motor line across the board of 30% off retail.
  • Location — our internet store can always be found at and our warehouse and offices are still located in sunny Vista, California.
  • We are still the United States distributor of Scorpion Power Systems, Cobra Brushless Motors, Next Level Multi-Rotors and GemFan propellers.