Kyle Dahl


Kyle started flying R/C models at age 7, and until age 13, flew various types of models to include nitro and electric powered trainers, slow flyers/foamies, ducted fan jets, sailplanes, aerobatic/pattern type planes, and also helicopters.

At age 13, after seeing a 3D helicopter demonstration flight at a local heli fun fly, Kyle was motivated from that point forward to focus solely on 3D helicopter flying.  After flying a mix of nitro and electric power helis for a year, Kyle decided all the advantages for competition and demonstration flying were with electrics, and has been flying electric powered helis exclusively since 2008.

Kyle’s first heli competition (age 14) was the “Align Ultimate 3D Helicopter Competition” in Las Vegas in 2008.  Kyle won the Advanced Class, and was noticed by Mikado Helicopters at that point as a promising up-and-coming young competition pilot.  A sponsorship with Mikado followed shortly.

Since that time, Kyle has competed in the “Masters Class” at a second Align Ultimate 3D Competition (3rd Place), two Extreme Flight Championships (XFC) (1st and 4th Place), two German Heli Masters/Eurocup Championships (2nd Place twice), the 3D Masters (3rd Place), and the IRCHA “One” Competition (2nd Place). Kyle’s consistent performance as a competition pilot has resulted in additional sponsorships, and Kyle was added to Team Scorpion in 2009.

Weather permitting, Kyle flies daily and has logged over 2200 flights per year for the past two years.  In 2011, Kyle will be competing and flying demonstrations with the new Scorpion powered Logo 700.