Alex Carlton


Alex Carlton is an 11 year old electric plane and helicopter pilot, who has been flying since age 6. Alex spends most of his time enjoying funflys and publicly demonstrating DW Foamies line of planes as well as his Swift 3D electric helicopter. Alex is a team pilot for Thunder Power batteries, DW Foamies, and Scorpion/Innovative Designs. Alex (much to his mother’s dismay) has decided he wants to be a Naval Aviator and eventually command a carrier airwing.


Seven years of R/C aircraft experience, including 3D freestyle, Slope Soaring, and IMAC competitions.  Basic level IMAC competitor for 2009-2011, with emphasis on 3D freestyle.  Alex is currently a team pilot for Thunder Power Batteries and DW Foamies and maintains electric aircraft from 5 oz indoor F3P planes to 19 lb electric IMAC planes. (50 CC)  Flight demos include ducted fans, 3D Foamies, and 3D helicopters.

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