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    Australia: Wines cheaper than Coca Cola and water 12/12/09 Source: The Daily Telegraph | Photo: Mark Cranitch | Trad: DLR ArgentineWines.Com With the wine industry in excess of grapes, stores sell wine at $ 1.99 a bottle. What is happening now that wine is cheaper than water and Coca-Cola ?, is courtesy of excess grapes, a revalued dollar and change in tastes.

    The large Woolworths liquor store chain Dan Murphy is selling 82,000 bottles of unmarked 750 ml wine, at $ 1.99 each. In comparison Woolies sells at $ 2.25 a 750 ml water bottle and at $ 3.07 a 600 ml Coca-Cola or $ 3.84 a 750 ml. “In my 15 years in the wine industry, I do not recall a time when consumers would enjoy greater value for their money,” said Dan Dostohue’s merchandise manager Dan Murphy. How do they sell wine for $ 1.99? Buying it at least $ 0.45 a liter. It’s the rumor in the Riverina district, where Dan Murphy caters for the product. Australia’s wine industry has faced an excess of grapes since 2007. And the situation is getting worse, with a new winery opening every other day. In previous years a large part of the supply surplus has been exported. But the rise of the Australian dollar has made this more difficult – wines from Chile, Argentina and South Africa have become more attractive to UK supermarkets and their customers. The volume of wine exported fell 11 percent last year, the first drop since 1995, which means that more volume has to be sold locally, lowering its price. 1.8 million extra liters of bottled white wine were sold in Australia in the three months prior to September than in the same time period of the previous year, according to data from the Bureau of Statistics. As for the red wine, the numbers showed sales increase of 250,000 extra liters. In Riverina, the pressure is felt to have the empty storage tanks before the new harvest next month. The pain of producers is the gain of consumers. “You’re paying less and getting better quality,” Mr. Donohue said. Unbranded wine deals at $ 1.99 are for Chardonnay and Cabernet Merlots, which lost their market share for New Zealand Cabernet Sauvignon and Australian Shiraz respectively.

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